vTrack is an automated AZ DDD billing, EVV, and compliance system which will reduce your administrative costs and reduce the headaches of running your business.

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Why Choose vTrack

vTrack uses the newest tools in the industry to increase your revenues,
reduce your expenses and minimize the stress for qualified DDD vendors.

  • Instantaneous, accurate, secure billing to DDD and insurance payers
  • Electronic payment reconciliation
  • Meets all insurance and DDD requirements
  • Sync payroll to eliminate double data entry of billing/payroll hours
  • OIG / SAM verifications
  • OLCR reporting
  • Client auth expiration reports and remaining units
  • Provider certification tracking with email alerts
  • Client, provider, and claim tracking
  • Calendar and scheduling built-in
  • Mobile application for use by providers
  • Integrated client notes and daily documentation
  • Automatically generate and send client progress reports
  • Go paperless! Paperless file cabinet solution (EMR)
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Case Studies

Agency able to consolidate systems
We have been bombarded with calls from many vendors trying to sell us programs but had not been able to find one system that does everything we need it to.  Not until we found vTrack.  This platform has transformed us into a paperless agency and allows us to integrate our billing, payroll, data management, and certifications in one place.  It is also web-based so we get continuous updates as part of our contract and can rid ourselves of the headache of managing internal applications and what we call our “paper nightmare”.  The recent updates have been wonderful and have made this system like no other that we have seen.  Thank you for finally offering a fully functioning platform that we can use to manage our business efficiently.  The cost savings we have realized have been tremendous.

vTrack Client

Large provider agency saves hundreds of the thousands in denials
Billing approximately 1 million dollars per month to the DDD it was a huge challenge to recoup all of our funds in a timely manner. Averaging nearly 10% in denials each submission, we were chasing hundreds of thousands of dollars which really impacted our cash flow and ability to operate our business. With the implementation of vTrack we have now reduced our denials to be almost non-existent.  Our last 3 submissions have resulted in only a single claim denied for less than $200. Thank you vTrack!

vTrack Customer

Small but growing agency able to manage administration due to vTrack platform
Starting the agency with a few clients and providers, we were able to bill the state using a spreadsheet and were able to handle the support and administration that comes along with running a business in this space. However, as we began to grow we found it nearly impossible to keep up with admin tasks such as tracking employee certifications in our file cabinets, responding to client calls regarding authorization hours, and researching billing denials. Since implementing vTrack we now are able to have point and click access to all of that information and we don’t even have to hire another admin person as our business grows!  With the reduction of rates in the industry, we would not be able to survive without the efficiencies realized by vTrack. This is a great tool for managing provider agencies and we highly recommend it to any company in the space.

Satisfied vTrack Customer

Agency with multiple locations able to consolidate info and avoid infrastructure costs
Expanding to provide services in many locations we have opened offices in multiple cities and managed each office independently until we implemented the vTrack solution. With this system in place we are able to view and access information from any location and it helps us to consolidate the information alleviating the costly hardware alternative. The programs ease of use makes it simple to setup each office for allowing admin staff lookup often needed information. It also can be set to have management level access to see reporting and perform functions that would cost us countless labor hours if we did not have the system. We also can see breakdowns of each location, manage, and bill from a centralized office. This tool is a must-have for any agency. I don’t know what we would do without it!

vTrack Customer

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The Premier AZ DDD Billing Solution

Client, Provider and Claim Database
View DDD claim history with a click of a button. Find client and staff numbers and info in seconds.

HR Form Tracking and Document Uploading
Replace file cabinets with instant access via an electronic database for clients and staff. Reference HR forms and documentations instantly.

Data Validation and Cross Checking
Eliminate data entry errors, drastically reduce denials, and never double bill again.

Instant billing file generation to the Arizona DDD and automated payment reconciliation
Become efficient with billing, accounting, payroll, and managing your business. Cut your billing time by 40% or more! Get paid your full amount on time.

Automatically Rebill Denials
For the few denials you may get, instantly re-submit them for payment.

Tracking, Alerts, and reporting for employee certifications and state compliance
Receive email alerts about expiring certifications. Track and report on any certifications and/or HR forms that need to be updated.

Secured access for multiple user levels
Latest security protocols, as secure as your banking site. Mobile app available.

Electronic Visit Verification
Arizona’s Division of Developmental Disabilities requires you to provide electronic visit verification (EVV) for services rendered. vTrack has the tools to make the process reliable and user-friendly

EEO reporting
Print and submit federally mandated EEO data in the correct format.

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