vTrack 2.0 Changelog 3/26/2019

  • Add appointment screen (the services dropdown will be filtered based on client authorizations and provider consumer tracking / disciplines). This should reduce the scheduling errors for provider appointments using an incorrect service
  • Edit appointment screen (documentation templates are now filtered based on service). Provider will now only see the correct documentation template on their appointments which will reduce compliance errors
  • Calendar can be colored by Client or by Discipline. For questions email and the support team can show you the two different options and help with your preference setting
  • Add appointment screen (Adding appointments will now check against the client authorization for available units and will not allow appointment to be created if units are not available). This will help prevent providers from scheduling appointments and providing services that cannot be billed for
  • Approval report now shows red text for appointments with errors. Preference setting available to disable claims from being created for appointments with errors