vTrack 2.0 Changelog 2/25/2018

  1. Client Info -> Client Authorizations – The Auth Number now will link to the Prior Auth number listed/report on Edit Claim
  2. Calendar -> Add New Appointment and Edit Appointment – The appointment page is organized better (no functionality has been changed)
  3. Therapist Info – There is a new checkbox to select if the therapist should be billed to TPL with the supervisor’s name and NPI information
  4. Therapist Info – The following fields have been added for OLCR reporting:
    1. Therapist Info Page
      • Signatory
      • CEO/Admin
      • Direct Care Worker (All therapists have this box selected as of the date the change was made)
      • Services Provided Have Been Updated for Location and Selection of Services
    2. Consumer Tracking
      • Inspection Date for therapist’s home inspection
  5. Improvements were made to the Aging report, more changes are scheduled