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About vTrack Billing

Two decades ago when the DDD was requiring agencies to drive floppy disks down to the state office… the owner of Vichra had the foresight to envision the future of how agencies in Arizona would bill the DDD division and vTrack was born.  Today, customers can generate their billing files in seconds and upload them to the DDD and to Insurance Payers directly through the Internet.

The system was designed and piloted for years until it was stable and ready for the retail market.  Since then vTrack has grown and become an entire platform for some agencies in the space to include HR functions, accounting, a client and provider database, a reporting tool, as well as a fully automated billing solution to the DDD and Insurance Companies.  Other agencies use the automated billing functions and integrate vTrack to sync with their existing accounting and HR systems.  vTrack is currently the #1 platform on the market and is responsible for over 25 million dollars per month in claims billed monthly.

vTrack facts:

  • vTrack is a solution for HCBS companies (Home and Community Based Services), Group Home organizations, Day Treatment Facilities, as well as agencies providing therapy services
  • Customers are given their own website and the system is completely customizable to allow setup of multiple locations and designed to bill ANY service
  • Because the solution is web-based it can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device that is online and does not require any software installation
  • System updates are seamless (ex. When the DDD implements a new policy for requiring a certification Vichra simply includes the field in vTrack and the customer sees the new field upon their next login)
  • Because Vichra has supported companies in the industry for nearly two decades we are able to offer consulting and best industry practices to new agencies.  We also can act as a liaison to the DDD to resolve issues when they arise

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